G, 15 days. / by Ashley Brown

Little G. came into the world 2 weeks late, and had a tough entrance. Luckily, as of right now, all signs point to him being a healthy and beautiful (see below!) baby boy. It was frightening when G.'s mom emailed me to tell me of his troubles, but a huge, huge relief when I got an ecstatic email saying they were able to bring him home after only 9 short days in the NICU. He's got a full head of hair and is perfect as can be.

G. had a period where he was WIDE AWAKE and so alert. I have never seen such eye contact in a newborn! He was studying everything.


Two space heaters late and G. finally fell asleep... and I got to photograph all of this squishy baby boy goodness!


I can't wait to watch this one grow. So glad we were able to capture this sweet stage!