our fifth anniversary celebration... day four! / by Ashley Brown

Thank you so much for responding to yesterday's request by recommending a great number of wonderful charities and organizations! We will be compiling the list and posting next week to let you know when and how our clients will be helping us support the community. Now onto today! Of course, we are firm believers in hiring a professional photographer, whether it be twice a year, once a year, or once every few years, to create custom portraits for your family. But what about those other 364-ish days a year, when there are countless milestones... missing teeth, holidays, birthdays, first days of school, vacations, and all of those in between moments... that deserve to be captured? We know how much of a challenge it can be to photograph your own children (yes... even photographers have trouble in this arena!) so today, send us an email with questions you may have about how to best document your daily life.

We also know that, when it comes time to hire a photographer, it can be an equally sizable challenge. Here are some "resources" of ours that you may find helpful when finding the perfect photographer for your family:

Choosing a Photographer

A Word About Digital Images

Evaluating a Photographer's Portfolio

And here are some other resources on the web:

The Consumer Guide for Custom Photography

Take Off Your Mommy Goggles

We can't wait to hear your questions, so shoot us an email... and check back tomorrow!