fashionistas / by Ashley Brown

What can I say about the G. family? Such a down to earth bunch. I felt so at ease at their home and honestly, could have photographed their two beautiful girls all day. Not only were they very photogenic and well behaved, but boy do these girls have an amazing wardrobe. There were several pieces I would have liked for myself! Mom warned me that, like many girls her age, A. was a bit shy. I'm happy to say that my "magic" worked, and she warmed up quite quickly. In fact, I was bestowed the honor of being the only one (not even mom and dad!) who was allowed to dress her and put in her ponytail. Now that is quite an honor!

Beautiful brown-eyed A...



And her equally beautiful brown-eyed sister, L...



We of course had to throw mom and dad into the mix for a few...



This was definitely one of those sessions where I had too many favorites to choose from. Thanks for a great session, G. family! I am happy to come back and be A.'s personal stylist anytime!