fall frenzy! / by Ashley Brown

I've got LOTS to share (to say it is busy around these parts is a gross understatement!) so let's get right to it! We've been photographing the M. girls for a few years now, but since our last session, they've added an absolutely adorable little boy to the mix. I can tell that Hannah and Ava are very doting big sisters!



Maeve was such a sweetheart and her parents are obviously head over heels for her! Sometimes the best images are those simple close ups, like a little girl's hand in her dad's. That is something she'll cherish for years.



Very little is more fun for us than getting to watch out "Growing Plan" babies transition from chubby infants to little people on the move. This month, not only did we get to see Keane , but also Sam and Owen (Sam's outfit just kills me!)



Abby and Aidan are another pair we've been photographing for a long time (the first time was back in the fall of 07!) and they always take the cake as two of the most easy going, photogenic kids around. We captured many great individual shots, but I was blown away by the sibling images. Are these holiday card material or what?



I have such a soft spot for the B. girls... they are some of the sweetest little girls going, and their mom and dad sure aren't bad either! Last year, I got to bring home a gingerbread house from our session, if that is any indication! I missed them terribly this year but I know they had a blast with Kristen and as always, were a dream to work with.



More to come!