Double the fun! / by Ashley Brown

These little guys' mamas have been waiting so patiently for their sneak peek, and I have slacked. You'd think the dead of winter would be slow, but that hasn't been the case (and I am NOT complaining!) I actually have these slideshows ready to go, so this isn't as much of a sneak peek as it is sharing some cuteness for your Friday.

I had the pleasure of working with not one, but two adorable baby boys the other day. Their mamas have been friends for a long time, so we decided to combine their sessions. Both M. and G. were so content and photogenic. They are also sitting steadily but not yet crawling, which is an easy peasy and FUN age to photograph.

Meet M. and his deliciously chubby cheeks...



And the happiest guy around, G. (he is mid laugh in this first shot!)



And can I have a collective "aww" on this?! Best buddies in the making.


Have a great weekend!!