f., 6 days / by Ashley Brown

Newborn sessions are always quite an experience. Everyone knows that newborns don't follow ANYONE'S schedule but their own, so they usually require a little bit of waiting. Needless to say, by the time they are over, I feel like I've really gotten to know my clients!! Lucky for me, I've got great ones who I don't mind spending a few hours with in the least. The P. family was no exception (remember my blog giveaways a few months ago? They were the recipients of the maternity/newborn gift certificate!) They had just welcomed baby F. less than a week before our session, who bounced into the world perfectly healthy and with a full head of hair. They also are parents to the sweetest little gal who kept me very entertained while we waited for F. to drift off to dreamland! The session went so well... hence the big sneak peek!

I love incorporating my client's homes into their session. The P.'s live in an 1800's farmhouse with so many great pieces of furniture to use!




Can you say "favorite"!


Love the little finger in the mouth...


And one last image... a bit of love from his doting big sister...