brunette beauties / by Ashley Brown

Happy 4th of July! I hope that everyone enjoys a wonderful weekend full of food, fun and fireworks (and for those of your who are local, hot swimming weather!) Before embarking on festivities, here are three stunning, dark haired beauties I worked with recently. I last saw Ava and Layla a year ago... Ava still was the same (shy at first, but so fun and sweet once she bursts out of her shell), but Layla has blossomed into a fast moving and feisty two year old. It's funny how you forget they grow when you don't see them for a while! I can't get enough of their thick, gorgeous hair.




Cue even more hair envy when I met Marcella. How fantastic are those ringlets? I had a blast photographing her, as she is at the age where she loved being in front of the camera (this girl posed herself!) and just full of personality and life.




Enjoy the holiday!