behind the scenes / by Ashley Brown

Phew. It's been one crazy week. Besides the typical busy season stuff, we had an camera incident (see below) and while upgrading yesterday, the website crashed. Major thanks to Stephen of (fabulous, by the way) for getting me back up and running! Needless to say, I'm a bit behind but trying fervently to catch up. I must because I have a whole slew of sessions in the coming days! You may notice now the ABP's website and blog have morphed into one shiny, user friendly package. The blog is by far the most popular spot, so it makes sense for it to be a one stop shop for both new and old clients to see new work as well as learn what ABP is about. See the menu bar on top? Mouse over it to find all of the info as well as a link to the portfolio. I'm really excited for this new phase!

I have a ton of sneak peeks coming soon, but in the meantime, I HAVE to share this. Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of an ABP session? As you know, I work primarily with the under 5 crowd and I'm not ashamed to admit that getting cooperation and natural smiles requires a whole lot of silliness. My kiddo's parents are always great sports and join in on the craziness.

Exhibit A...


I've been giggling at this for a good 10 minutes now. Looks like I'll need to crop out the front door for the final image. ;) And no worries, parents... your silly identities are safe with me! But hey, there's no shame. You do what you gotta go to get that great finished product.

I'll be back soon with some sneaks!