Bad blogger. / by Ashley Brown

I know, I know. As hard as I try, this time of year it is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with this blog! I am lucky if I can get everything done on time for my clients and squeeze in a blog post once a week. I've got to share some of these adorable faces though.

This is my third time this year working with the G. family, and it NEVER gets old. Two of the most adorable little guys you'll ever meet. This time, A. was walking which made it a bit more challenging. But... success!



Another G. family but this time, with two little boys and one big boy! This is my second family in a matter of weeks with two little ones and an older sibling. The dynamic is so much fun, and its great to get to capture the unique relationship.


As a photographer, I know I'm going to have a fun shoot when I arrive to find one spunky little girl and Amy Winehouse playing the background. A. had no shortage of personality, which gave me an awesome challenge... capturing all of the facets that make her HER.



I also had a repeat visit with the S. family this past weekend. Sister I. and brother R. look SO MUCH alike. It is crazy. I first met R. as a newborn and now he is sitting and smiling.

I know I've mentioned it a million times on my blog, but my job allows me to see some of the coolest rooms ever. I.'s room was a girl haven... pink and purple everywhere... and R. had a firetruck theme in honor of his volunteer firefighter dad. As the season of indoor sessions approaches, I'm getting really exciting. Photographing a child in their room gives you a great sense of who they are at this particular age.



Ok, more to come but I think this is enough for one post. Stay tuned!