Back to work! / by Ashley Brown

This past weekend was my first back to work after a very rejuvenating December. My holidays were great, and I hope that yours were too! I was so excited for this session... I could NOT wait, and for a number of reasons. This was my second session with the K. family and their beautiful twin girls. The first time I photographed them, they were 3 months old. They just celebrated their first birthday and as many of your know, 6-12 months is my favorite age range. Plus they are absolutely GORGEOUS! A photographer's dream all across the board.

Being that it was my first session of the season, I was a little over eager and ended up with a lot of proofs. A lot a lot. Lucky for me I don't think I can ever get sick of seeing these faces!




L. and C.'s grandmother brought them over some beautiful silk dresses from India. The colors are so yummy with their skin tone and brown eyes.


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