back in the saddle / by Ashley Brown

At the beginning of November, I was finally give the long awaited "go ahead" to start easing back into shooting (as most of you know, I was put on bed rest in August). Things are looking great and I was so (so!) ready to get back in the swing of things. I missed seeing a lot of new and familiar faces this fall, but they were in the best of hands with Kristen, and the season was a huge success. I was afraid I'd be a bit rusty, but luckily I got to work with two of my most favorite families to help me transition back into doing what I love. All signs are pointing to the fact that I'll have a great few weeks before going on a short maternity leave when we welcome baby Greta this winter! I photograph Isabella every year in early November around her birthday. I have a similar "arrangement" with several other clients and I really can't say enough about how neat it is not only for me, but for the families. Being able to photograph a child from babyhood on up, and capture how different they look and how fine tuned their personality is becoming, is a blast for me. This year, Isabella turned three and I had a wonderful time during the third installment of our series. The camera loves this girl!

Her mom also happens to be the famous Dr. Lemons at Capital Care Pediatrics Albany. She is Carson's (Kristen's son), soon to be Greta's and many other of my client childrens' pediatrician, and for good reason... she and her office are nothing short of amazing! I can't say enough about them. If you are expecting or looking for a pediatrician, check them out... They are located behind Stuyvesant Plaza.





I also got a chance to meet Stella, the newest addition to the O. family, to capture a few shots of her with big sister Lily. They are both beautiful girls and the absolute spitting image of their dad. Lily is a rockstar when it comes to portraits, I think because she is an old pro (she's been working with me since the age of 3 months!) She actually cried when we were done. That's my girl!



I want to take a second to extend a huge thank you to my clients for their understanding, compassion and patience during these last few months. I've realized that I absolutely positively have the BEST group of clients I could ever ask for... from emails to phone calls to stories and words of encouragement, I have felt blessed a hundred times over. I've said it many times that I am in this career because I love building relationships with families. I love to see their children grow and to become a fixture in their lives each year. My clients seek me out because they want that as well... not a mall photographer or a jack of all trades to shuffle them in and out. I have realized lately just how much I value those connections, and how appreciative of my client's loyalty and unwavering support. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all of the wonderful families who I have come to know and love... and thank you for welcoming Kristen with open arms to the team!