a bevy of (one year old) babies / by Ashley Brown

I've been lucky the last few weeks to have a TON of one year olds pass through... most of whom I worked with as infants. 12/13 months is one of my favorite ages. Their personality is really starting to shine, and the vast majority are starting to waddle around. Well, except for Cooper. He was walking. Running. And FAST. Cooper's dad is a huge football fan, and I think he's pretty excited for the prospects his little guy has. He's tall, solidly built and has some serious speed. I'm forseeing many sports practices and games in the S. family's future!

Cooper isn't all rough and tumble. He's got the most beautiful eyes...



Even when mom and dad want the focus to be on their baby, I like to incorporate them a teeny bit with this shot. A little jumping and swinging is a sure bet when you are looking for a smile!


And my favorite... it totally SCREAMS "I'm one, super curious, and in the pointing-at-everything stage."


S. family, it was awesome getting to hang out with your little athlete!