Baby C., day 10 / by Ashley Brown

It's funny... this summer, I had a huge spurt of BIG babies... I'm talking 9, 10 pounders. Recently, I've had so many tiny little guys and girls. Both groups, of course, being equally adorable.

C. came into the world a bit early, so he was still a little guy who squished up and slept like a champ. Easiest newborn I've had in a while? Oh yeah.

I LOVE capturing the tiny, new details... like a gorgeous pair of lashes.


Listen up, expectant parents. Aside from the fact that babies under 2 weeks sleep more and are less prone to baby acne, peely skin, etc... another benefit is during this time frame, they are still used to being crunched up in the womb. The result is swoonworthy images like this (notice the little foot!) Case in point for getting your newborn images done ASAP!


And like many of my other babies, this lucky guy had a lovingly handpainted nursery.


Thanks, B. family, for introducing me to your new little bundle!