an ode to a faithful friend / by Ashley Brown

Dear Canon 40d, You died today. Although I was saddened, I wasn't entirely surprised... I knew your time was coming. Despite your youthful age of 1 year and 7 months, you were a workhorse. Together, we'd taken thousands upon thousands of images, and I knew that soon you'd be getting tired. You'd been through a lot. You've been dropped (several times... oops), rained on, snowed on, and had your most sensitive parts touched by sticky little fingers looked for that elusive caterpillar in the camera.

Tomorrow you'll be bubble wrapped and sent to Canon to be fixed. When you return a few weeks, you'll be demoted to backup camera. You see, I've been needing an upgrade, and tonight I finally hit "buy" on a shiny new camera. Don't take it personally.

Thanks for many great clicks.


P.S. And you...


I'll be seeing you on Wednesday!