among the apples / by Ashley Brown

One of my favorite parts of my job is hearing the stories of all of the different families I photograph. Sam and Lucas were adopted from Guatemala and into the homes of two very loving, wonderful parents. It was a joy getting to meet them and photograph their unique personalities. We started at home, which is where my favorite images often are created. I love these quiet moments that are so indicative of childhood.


We then headed out to Gould's Orchard for some autumnesque images. Even though I'm at orchards and farms frequently during the fall, I never tire of it. There are always interesting places and objects, beautiful old barns, and of course, the long, gorgeous rows of apple trees.




When you have toddlers and you are striving for that perfect family shot, I am the first to say I am not above a little "encouragement". Who wouldn't be happy when they knew cider donuts were in the near future?!


Thanks, U. family, for introducing me to your handsome little fellas!