tuesday toddlers (and a newborn for good measure) / by Ashley Brown

What better way to ease into the workweek after a holiday weekend than with some beautiful faces? I marvel at just how cute my clients' children are. How is that always the case? Here's just a few of the sweet little ones I've gotten to work with in the past few weeks. This job come with stress and a huge time commitment (hello, 80 hour workweeks and too many miles on the car to count!) but it is all worth it when I get to meet and photograph these promising little people. First there is Sean, one of my growbabies, who just celebrated his first birthday. I was floored at how much he looks like a toddler now instead of a baby... could be that mouth full of chompers!



The M. family's session was a bit out of the ordinary for me. While we were photographing, we stumbled across a newborn fawn sleeping in their yard. Needless to see, the boys were enamored! None of us knew quite what to do (FYI: We found out that does leave their fawns all day to sleep and eat, so just because you find one doesn't mean it's abandoned!) It was an interesting twist to a great session, part of which was held at their home and part at the fabulous farm in Ballston Spa that I frequent during the summer months.



I photographed Stella last week on one of the super hot days, and I think the heat worked miracles. She was probably THE most sleepy, movable and content newborns I've ever worked with. That, combined with her gorgeous features (I think she gets them from her mama, don't you?) made me not want to leave. I literally would have been happy photographing her all day!



I met up with these handsome men at the Hall of Springs last weekend. Fuzzy haired Owen is another growbaby of mine, and Landon was a brand new face. Both were on the move, but took it easy on me by acting way too cute and posing themselves. Seriously... some babies and toddlers just naturals!



More to come, including some of Kristen's recent sessions. I know she's been just as lucky in the squeezably cute kids department. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!