a special occasion / by Ashley Brown

When I decided to join the team at Ashley Brown Photography, I whole-heartedly believed in every facet of the business that Ashley had poured her heart and soul into creating: emotive, artistic images, dedication to a unique and custom experience for each client, and high-end products and services several steps above the rest. Independent of a chain photography studio, or even the fantastic talents of many area family photographers, there was something about joining ABP that felt so exclusive, so luxurious to me. And as a former client, now, employee, this still stands true. A family portrait session is not your everyday occurrence, and shouldn’t be thought of as such. I remember bringing my son home from the hospital and counting down the days until that special day—Carson’s newborn photo shoot. I remember being tired, worried about clothing, the cleanliness of the house, whether my house was photogenic, would the pup get in the way? (I hope I’m not alone here!) Enter Ashley, who pets the pup, washes her hands (mindful of the fragility of a newborn) and immediately puts me at ease as she shows me how to gently calm my baby into a deep sleep by combing his forehead with her fingers to capture those precious images. Upon his waking, he threw me for a loop—and peed all over me during our intimate, mama and son photographic moment. With a chuckle and a ‘don’t worry’—we moved on.

The event that day was a memory I cherish. It was a special occasion—an experience—capturing the newness of a family. It was up there with my wedding anniversary, my son’s birthday, and the day of his first steps. It was a milestone. And then came the images, moving me to tears. And the wall portrait that arrived in the weeks following is a permanent fixture that help me remember that day, that time, that  moment…when my baby was only 6 days old, for a breath of time.

I take my responsibility as ABP’s associate photographer very seriously—from artistic talent, to a client’s experience, individualized attention, and sometimes, education. In the age of SLRs for all, it’s hard to differentiate photography businesses. It can be like comparing apples to oranges. Is the wholesale club style, which includes the session fee and all digital files for one low price the best option for your family portraits? Possibly…if it is something you would consider doing every day. But if your portrait session is a once or twice per year (a special occasion), you don’t want to sacrifice quality. Even for the economic-conscious clients (or say, a client looking for some updated shots but doesn't need another full session at this time), short & sweet sessions are an affordable option, without compromising artistic quality, customization, attention to detail, and superior products that simply cannot be duplicated. We put the same level of service into all of our sessions, which makes our short&sweet sessions a great option for many families to consider.

And since a post isn't complete without some beautiful imagery, here are some shots from recent short&sweet sessions. After such a long winter, these spring images are a breath of fresh air... literally!

- Kristen