a session like no others / by Ashley Brown

It's no secret that I love photographing expecting mamas and newborns. The anticipation and love for this brand new creature is always palpable in the images, and it's an amazing feeling for me to be part of such a special time in my clients' lives. When a friend of mine contacted me about photographing her birth, I had mixed emotions. Birth is a whole different ball game than a newborn session at home. It is an incredible, intimate and emotional moment. I always preach to my clients about the importance of having their child's life documented from the get go, and birth certainly represents this to a "t"! I gladly accepted her offer, and felt so honored to be invited into such a private time in her and her husband's lives. When the call came in on Friday night that she was in labor, you wouldn't believe the adrenaline rush I felt! I tried to sleep a bit before heading to the hospital, but it just wasn't happening. I was so excited, but so nervous. I've never even witnessed a birth, let alone photographed one!

As all of you mamas understand, the experience was absolutely incredible. I loved every minute of it. And speaking of minutes, there weren't very minute. This was Jessica and Alan's 4th baby (and 1st boy!) and she was a pro. I arrived at 12:30 AM and Jack Thomas (or Peanut, as he was known during her pregnancy) was born at 1:00 AM on the nose. She did it all natural and barely made a peep. Her midwife assured me that such an easy, speedy birth was not the norm!

I could sit here and write about this experience all night, but I will let the images speak for themselves. I'll post one of my favorites below, but please do take a look at the slideshow. Keep in mind that, while the images are not graphic at all (they were taken before and immediately following the birth), it IS a labor and delivery, so view at your own discretion. The wonderful song used in the slideshow is "Woman's Work" by Kate Bush.

Click to view the Birth of Jack

P.S. If you are expecting and are interested in having your birth (or a portion of it) photographed, please drop me a line.