a saratoga saturday / by Ashley Brown

It's impossible to ever tire of working in Saratoga. There are so many amazing locations, and I'm glad my clients usually share my excitement about them! This Saturday I got to spend a beautiful morning at two of my favorite 'Toga spots!

The M. family came from Lake George for their session. 3-year old B. totally epitomized his age for me. Very independent, a little stubborn and quick on his feet... but SO darn cute, with smiles and laughs right under the surface. All it takes is a bit of silliness and a handful of bug jokes. And his brother A.? Easy as pie! Just check out those dimples.




While I was up there, I also got to see the F.'s and their sweet little girl, who I've been photographing since she was cooking in her mama's belly. I loved the outfits they chose! You can't get much better than a bare baby in a little pink skirt. 




Thanks for a lovely day, M. and F. families! So glad this relentless rain finally gave us a break!