a pleasant surprise - albany, ny baby photographer / by Ashley Brown

Ok, I admit it. This session had me a little nervous. The fussiest of newborns don't scare me one bit, and 3 month olds are a breeze. But 2 monthers? They give me a bit of a pause. Two months is kind of an awkward time... no longer a newborn, but not yet an active baby. Of course when I arrived to photograph this Valentine's Day baby, I knew we'd get some beautiful stuff. It was just a matter of how easy it was going to be.

Well, baby S. was on a mission to prove my theory wrong. Talk about one happy, content and easy to photograph 2 month old! S. was all smiles the entire time. Not a peep to be heard! S.'s mom booked this as a surprise for her dad (so if you know this family, keep your lips sealed!) and I know he'll be head over heels when he sees these images of his baby girl.

Happy as a clam, this girl was!


Holding her head up like a champ...


I'm betting that this will be one of dad's favorites.


And a personal favorite of mine...


Thanks, B. family, for letting me spend some time with your precious little girl!