a new face to photograph! / by Ashley Brown

I don't normally post but about my life on the blog (because honestly, why bore you with it when you can see all of these adorable faces?) but this news is too exciting not to share. My husband and I are expecting our first child in early February! Needless to say, we are thrilled. I will be continuing to work through the end of the year and potentially into January, and will be back to shooting in early spring after a brief maternity leave. Kristen will be covering for me throughout my time off, so if you have a winter baby due or a special milestone in those times, have no fear! I've had an extremely easy pregnancy so far, but am so glad for a 2nd trimester busy season (we are gearing up for an awesome fall!) and a dead of winter baby... talk about great timing! Just because this post wouldn't be the same without a picture, here is an older ultrasound image. Baby was bouncing off the walls at our 12 week ultrasound so we were unable to get a good shot... it was pretty neat, though, watching it be so active! Let's just hope it's not quite as wild when I can actually start to feel those kicks and jabs. I am so grateful to work with lots of moms (and have one of the most fabulous moms I know working with me! As you know, Kristen is mom to 10 month old Carson), so if you have any advice for this first timer, please let me know!