A little of this, a little of that! / by Ashley Brown

With the craziness of the fall season, I've resigned myself to doing some "sampler" blog posts. It keeps me sane, but still allows me to share some beautiful sneak peeks!

Last weekend I met the adorable and LOVED!! baby J. I have a soft spot for babies in just a diaper (shows off all of the rolls!) but J.'s mom had the sweetest white angora outfit. I don't know which set of images I liked better!



The C. family had three of the most stunning kids... these girls are going to be show stoppers when they get older! They told me all about their rainy summer in Wales while visiting grandparents. I admit that I always feel a bit sheltered when I meet kids who are seasoned world travelers




Faithful blog readers may recognize C. from my July mini sessions. Well, she just celebrated her 1st birthday and we commemorated it with a session at her beautiful home in the country. C. is one of the smiliest, happiest girls... and she doesn't take a bad picture. Makes my job easy!!



Please please please keep your fingers crossed for me... tomorrow is the second leg of ABP's holiday mini sessions and of course... it is supposed to rain. Luckily most of my sessions are in the AM and the rain isn't supposed to start till later in the day. Is there an anti-rain dance?!