A different kind of session... / by Ashley Brown

Today was a very humbling experience for me. My job allows me to work with many families who are blessed with perfect and healthy children. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that there are also many families who deal with infant and child loss. I had the honor of capturing some images at the burial service of the "M" family's sweet baby boy, who was stillborn only a few short dates before his due date. Although I am not an event photographer by trade, there was no doubt in my mind that I would photograph this event for the family, and hopefully capture the emotional but momentous occasion. I think that I succeeded, and the images are tear-jerkers for sure... but they will hopefully provide the "M" family a way to remember their son for years to come. This was a very private day for the family, but I would like to share one of my favorite images. If you or anyone you know ever needs the service of infant bereavement photography (although I hope they never do), please refer them to the amazing organization, Now I Lay Be Down to Sleep (www.nowisleep.com).