a breath of fresh air - albany, ny children's photographer / by Ashley Brown

I was so excited when I arrived at my session yesterday. Part of it was because it was an absolutely gorgeous day. The other part was because my clients lived on a beautiful piece of land. But mainly it was because I got to photograph HIM...


Those lips... those eyes... that curly hair... and the most smiley, happy personality to book. M. just turned a year old and I truly could have photographed him all day.

M.'s mama just adores those chunky legs. I concur...


I finally was able to get outside for part of our session and it felt wonderful. Although I love working in my client's homes, nothing beats the great outdoors. It seems like spring is here to stay (knock on wood), so I forsee many more outdoor sessions in my future!




I really don't know how I get so many beautiful clients, but I sure won't complain!