A., 8 days / by Ashley Brown

Do you remember the M. family who's maternity session was shared a few posts down? Well, I'm happy to say that their sweet baby girl bounced into this world, as healthy as can be. She came a little early, which was fine with everyone. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I'll say it again... time is of the essence when it comes to newborn portraiture! I worked with A. on day 8, which is right in that perfect timeframe of 6-10 days. Once babies get to the two week mark, they tend to hit a growth spurt and all that is on their agenda and that point is fussing and eating. A. however, was sleepy putty in my hands. :) I was so excited that her mom and dad wanted to be involved... those are my favorite kinds of shots!!




I know the M. family is considering a session book for their images, which is a perfect option for maternity/newborn sessions. Not to mention, they are so much fun to design... lucky me!