nora (& our philosophy on photographing babies) / by Ashley Brown

I had the enormous pleasure of photographing beautiful Nora and her family this past weekend. It was one of those sessions where all of the elements truly came together... a content little one, a sweet sibling, and a charming home. Nora didn't want to waste one second of her portrait session by sleeping, so we went with it. As long as baby is happy, some of my favorite newborn images end up being those of wide eyed wonderment or intense eye contact. Mom is a graphic designer, and I really love working with fellow creative types as they are usually more than happy to indulge my (sometimes crazy) whims. This session seems like a perfect one to showcase our personal philosophy on photographing not only babies, but just children and families in general (disclaimer: this is my personal artistic perspective, but I have the utmost respect and love for many different styles of portraiture!) I like to think that our work can be summed up as simple, classic and clean with some modern twists. This is especially true with newborns, the teeniest of subjects who need little embellishment. I am not a "prop" photographer as a whole, but I do feel that simple additions, like a bonnet, a blanket, etc. can really add something unique to an image. When props are used, I am a firm believer in using the family's own items. Think a blanket that grandma knitted, one of baby's own adorable hats, an heirloom cradle, a basket or piece of furniture in the home, or any other items with sentimental value. Custom photography is about making the session represent your family (or in this case, your brand new baby). Incorporating the home (especially baby's nursery!) and personal, meaningful items results in images that are truly unique and far from mass-market. However, I like to remind clients that you do NOT need to live in a showcase home on several manicured acres. I have never met a home that didn't have a few perfect nooks and crannies. But, finding the beauty in everyday locations is a whole 'nother blog post in itself!

But enough talk... meet Nora!