time flies by / by Ashley Brown

October is finally here...and we are already mid-way to November. How does this happen every year? I always enjoy the hustle and bustle of a packed schedule because it introduces me to some truly sweet families and enjoyable moments. After all, a portrait session intended to capture your family in its truest form--and there is nothing better than a few kisses, cuddles, and laughs to turn a session into a fun memory. Some of my recent Short & Sweet sessions encompassed it all: sibling love, parental adoration, and youthful curiosity. Take a look for yourself... Ella and Brayden had so much fun together and played off of each other’s personalities so well. It’s sweet to see the big sister be protective and playful all at the same time.

This was our first time meeting the F. family, who come from Massachusetts. Little Lila was a joy to capture, and was just newly embarking on the exploration of crawling. What a fun age!

Then there was Logan, curious as ever and a bundle of energy. Their innocence and enthusiasm at this age is so admirable!

Enjoy the foliage, crisp air, and cider donuts, everyone! -Kristen