the s. family / by Ashley Brown

For me, each session that is booked with ABP is a true compliment, as almost all of our clients have done their research on the many options for family portraiture throughout the Capital Region. But even moreso of a compliment is those that return. I was thrilled to hear from the S. family recently, knowing that they wanted some updated shots of the fun Miss Abby and ever-so-charming Aiden. It was such a joy to meet up with their family again to see the growth that happens far too rapidly with children. The best part: Abby and Aiden are the ultimate brother-sister combo--their friendship and connection shines even when the camera isn't on them. I caught them walking quietly through the park holding hands, unprompted, and it warmed my heart. This duo--along with their parents--are so relaxed and fun together... 1

And apart, they are equally polite and so well-mannered... 2


It was wonderful to see you again, S. family! -Kristen