the s. family at the farm / by Ashley Brown

What a fantastic session! You know how much I love truly personalizing my signature sessions, so I was thrilled to be able to shoot at this family's small farm. They live locally, but a few years ago purchased 200 or so acres to raise beef cattle on. It has been quite the labor of love, and Sophie, Matt and Lila are so lucky to have a great place to spend time at as they grow. From the perspective of a photographer and someone who just really loves being out in the country, I was thrilled to pull up and see one of the most stunning views, freshly painted red barns and rolling fields. Not every session involves me getting to hitch a ride on the Kubota to check on the cattle! Beautiful Sophie, a true natural in front of the camera.

Matt has developed into quite the little farm hand. You may recognize the preview from this session that we posted on Facebook last week. The chickens were like dogs... pecking under foot the whole time!

And sweet Lila... I loved her coy smiles.

The tractor belonged to the kids' great grandfather, so we had to incorporate it into the session.

Thanks for letting me spend the afternoon on the farm, S family!