the a family on saratoga lake / by Ashley Brown

This was my third year working with Caroline and now her baby brother, Colin. Since I last saw her, Caroline has turned into quite the little chatterbox, with the sweetest smile and best manners around... she even made sure to always keep her hands folded in her lap, "like they teach us at school". And Colin is precious in all of his 16 month old glory, with a shock of mama's red hair. We started at home (with adorable outfits... I love when clients dress the part to achieve super classic images!) and then headed down to Saratoga Lake. It was a gorgeous day but we were greeted with a bit of a chill and some crazy wind when we got down to the shore. Kids are pretty tough though, so we were able to capture some great images with the bright blue October sky. Great to see you all again, A family!