owen / by Ashley Brown

A little creativity or 'out of the box' thinking can go a long way when you are trying to capture your child as he or she is at a particular moment in time. We have said it before, but its worthy of repeating--a favored toy, special book, or a reminder of a daily ritual can transform an image from a beautiful portrait to a distinct memory that you can almost re-live. I photographed the very handsome Owen on his first birthday, and now, on his second birthday. Mom and dad were fun and creative, bringing his favorite bug-rider, cars, and a picnic blanket complete with a basket and the ever-so-sweet birthday treat: a homemade cupcake. A few crumbs and frosting may or may not have covered mom and dad in the end, but I think you'll agree that the memory of his 2nd birthday are very much worth it! In classic two-year-old Owen style...

And of course, the indulgence!

Thank you, M. Family, for sharing your special day with me! -Kristen