matthew, brand new / by Ashley Brown

This session was highly anticipated and special for several reasons. I've worked with this family for a long time now, and although they moved 3 hours away several years ago, they continue to hire me to travel to them. That is truly an incredible honor. I have loved watching their girls grow, and mom and I have very similar tastes which always makes for exceptionally fun sessions. Secondly, Matthew was born after many, many weeks of bed rest. After recently coming off of a very complicated pregnancy and 4 months of bed rest myself, I felt very in tune with this mama's plight. We chatted throughout her pregnancy, and I hope that I was able to offer her even a sliver of understanding and commiseration. I was beyond thrilled to hear that Matthew arrived full term and healthy as could be; a true testament to the selfless sacrifice of his mama and her great support team. Any newborn session is amazing and meaningful, but knowing difficult it was to get Matthew here safely gave me a true "full circle" feeling. Per usual, Holly and Kate were perfectly dressed, and mom took to heart my preference of using personal and meaningful objects during a session. Between the cradles that grand-grandpa and grandpa made years ago, to the blanket knit by "Yaya", we had it covered. It was difficult to choose my favorite images, but here is a sampling.

M. family... thank you for the continued privilege of documenting your lives, despite the distance between us. Matthew is a perfect addition to the family!