carter / by Ashley Brown

I may be a bit biased because Carter is just a few weeks old than my Greta, but I really love this age. Newly mobile (but not too mobile), inquisitive, and it is a rarely a challenge to provoke a two-toothed smile. Carter was a perfect poster child for 10 month old babies, and an absolute joy to work with. We started at home, which I especially love at this age because stranger anxiety is usually starting to creep in. I was able to get to know Carter in his own environment, and in my mind, very little beats the simplicity of a baby, some of their favorite play things, and a white onesie. Perfection. Then, we headed outdoors for a taste of fall. It was one of those unseasonably warm, but with some great textures and layers we were able to "fake" a crisp autumn day. E & B... thank you for the opportunity to work with your smart, sweet little boy!