baby boom / by Ashley Brown

Every once in a while, we seem to have a baby boom, in which the majority of our sessions are compromised of sweet newborns. This is one of those times! We love getting to meet these new people and capture all of their little details, but we especially love getting to capture the new bonds between them and their families. Nicholas, like his big brother Sam was, is a new face in our first year portrait series. It was fun to see how strikingly different he looked from Sam as a newborn. I can't wait to see if his dark hair and complexion stay. Sam, while he is doing great in his new role, was not quite sure he was ready to relinquish the spotlight!

This was the first time we met the P. family and their sweet additions, Zoryana and Roman. Big sister Natalka really embodied the "little mommy" role. Their fantastic nursery made for the perfect setting for our session.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful babies with us... we can't wait to watch them grow!