aiden / by Ashley Brown

This was my fifth year photographing Aiden! Starting when he was a year old, I've met with Aiden and his wonderful parents each year to document the next chapter of his childhood. It's not difficult to understand the benefit of having your family photographed on a regular basis, but actually being able to see it in front of you... five years, and a baby who turned into a toddler and now into a little boy... is really remarkable. It has been an incredible privilege for me to get to see my buddy each fall and watch him grow. This year, he is a kindergartner, a hockey star (really, he is a gifted athlete!) and as handsome as ever. I'd like to think that he will cherish these consistent and precious images of his childhood when he gets older, and appreciate his parents persistence when it came to capturing it on "film"... both on a daily basis, and during their annual session. Four years of Aiden...

And today.

Looking forward to our next "installment"!