snow sessions / by Ashley Brown

This time of year, we have a lot of clients asking us about snow sessions. A snowy landscape makes for a beautiful backdrop, and allows for a lot of flexibility and creativity when it comes to styling the session... think classic, with wool peacoats and hats, or modern and playful, with lots of colorful layers and knits. They are perfect for your own backyard, an open field (we know of several great spots) or a downtown location. But when they do inquire, there are two questions that always come up about making these sessions feasible. What happens if it doesn't snow?

If a client is desiring snowy shots for their family, we schedule these a bit differently than normal sessions. Since there's no way to guarantee we'll have snow on a certain date (and a fairly fresh coating, even if minimal, is preferable) we'll schedule on a tentative basis and get in touch when snow is in the forecast. February is historically the snowiest month, so we are feeling optimistic that we'll get lots of the white stuff!

What about the cold?

This is always a concern clients have... will the kids be ok out in the cold? What about the runny noses and red, ruddy faces that invariably occur? First off, most parents know that kids are pretty immune to the cold, and will jump at the chance to be outdoors and playing in the snow. The good thing is, we keep it short. short&sweet sessions are a popular option for snow sessions, or with signature sessions, starting indoors (i.e. at the home) and then finishing up outside. We really only need a good 15-20 minutes outside. If it is exceptionally cold/windy/icy, we won't shoot that day. And those red, runny noses are easily remedied in post processing.

Here's a couple of images from a recent snow session with my own family, photographed, of course, by Kristen. And yes... this perfect wooden sled is available to use!