the birth of evangeline / by Ashley Brown

Those of you who have followed our work for a while will remember that two years ago, I had the privilege of photographing Jack's birth. Jack was the fourth baby of my good friend and incredibly talented newborn photographer, Jessica Washburn. It was an amazing experience, and I loved being able to document one of the most incredible moments of ones' life. I, of course, quickly said yes when Jessica asked if I'd be able to attend the birth of #5, and her first home birth. I got the call at 1:45 AM on the 18th, and drove quickly (Jessica is famous for her fast labors!). As expected, things progressed quickly and the midwife arrived a mere 6 minutes before Evangeline (Eva) did, at 2:44 AM. Yet again, Jessica amazed me with her strength and determination... she makes natural childbirth look like a walk in the park. Words can't describe how awe-inspiring it was to witness and forever immortalize the birth of a child.

These images are not at all graphic, but represent childbirth and freshly-born babies. Please click below to view.


After Jack's birth, the nurse at the hospital told me (who at the time, was childless) not to expect to have a birth experience like Jessica's. She was right! Jessica defies the laws of nature!


Welcome to the world, Evangeline.


Dad and Grandma woke up the two oldest sisters to come and meet their new sibling.


I loved this "paparazzi" moment.



The midwife did her exam, weighed Eva (6 pounds, 4 ounces!) and big sisters helped get her dressed and swaddled.




Jessica and Alan... it was such an honor. Thank you for letting me into your lives during such an intimate moment. Evangeline is a perfect addition to the family!