maxson & elise / by Ashley Brown

First and foremost... Something that is really close to our hearts is philanthropy, and giving back to our community however we can. One way we can do this is by giving the gift of portraiture to a family that might not otherwise have the means to obtain it. No matter what their story may be, every family deserves beautiful images that they can cherish for years. We are excited to collaborate with the Times Union & Kristi Gustafson Barlette to donate a short&sweet portrait session to a deserving local family. Please click here to read more about the giveaway, and to nominate a family. The Times Union will select four nominees who will be interviewed and photographed by their staff. Then, readers will have the chance to vote. If you know of a deserving family, please take a moment to nominate them, and help us to provide them with the gift of memories. Thank you! I am partial to the Adirondacks as it is, but from a photographic standpoint, I can't think of a place I love to shoot more. Tree lined dirt roads, mirror-like likes, and beautiful views in all directions. When Maxson & Elise's mama asked me to travel up to their family lake house in Schroon, I eagerly agreed. This house had been in their family for years and years, and holds such special meaning. I was nervous, as it was pouring when I left. When I arrived up north, I was greeted with the most crisp and ethereal light, low hanging misty clouds, and just an all out glorious day. It really was a dream.

These images on the beach really took my breath away when I opened them. I love how the reflection makes it look like they are standing amongst the clouds.

One of the reasons I love working with this family is because mama is super stylish and creative, and never bats an eyelash at my ideas... like dragging the oldest, most worn chair I could find out in the middle of the road. The depth and color in these images was so worth it!

So glad it all came to fruition, H. family... thanks for sharing such a special place with me!