livie / by Ashley Brown

Classic seersucker and simple rosettes. I knew the moment I saw Livie and her gorgeous mama that this session would be amazing. Livie has an incredibly proper personality that makes her seem much older than she is--but the moment her lovey came into play, she retreated to the innocence of any other three year old. It's amazing to me how these little people we grow can transform so quickly back into the babies we believe they still are...and every time I witness this happen, my heart melts a little more. As everyone says, in the blink of an eye, our newborns are quickly two, five, and then 10 years old. And if you have a child, you cannot deny that you wish you will always remember the way they hug you, how small their hands once were, or how their lovey soothed them with its simple squish on their cheek. Livie and her mama will always cherish these images as a reminder of how she was at the simple, innocent age of three...and for this, I am grateful for the chance to be a part of that memory.

What a stunning duo...

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Thank you Kristin and Livie for the true joy of photographing your family! -Kristen