emma / by Ashley Brown

I have the privilege of meeting and photographing baby Emma recently when she and her family were visiting from Manhattan. Her mom was looking to capture some artistic images of Emma at 3 months, which is exactly what we strive to capture in infancy. The first few months are the perfect time to to focus on the pure, simple details... porcelain baby skin, bright eyes, tiny features... and showcase them in a classic and understated light. The time frame to capture this is incredibly fleeting, so we love when parents share our desire to go back to the basics. When I walked in, I saw an old wooden cradle, which grandma informed me was a family heirloom. Combine that with a big baby window, lots of white and a beautiful baby, and I was one happy girl.

New York is full of talented photographers, so thank you to Emma's family for choosing to work with us on your visit home. Maybe next time we'll see you in the city. She is a doll!